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Desert Angels

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Our Partners

Thanks to our partners for support.

Thanks to our WEB page's huge space.
Thanks to our domain. www.DesertAngels.EU
Thanks for financial support and special language knowledge.

Nissan A-Z Autósbolt
Thanks to a lot of fixture.
Thanks to put up our partners' name on our car' side.
Thanks to car fixing.
   Thanks to car part fixing.

Thanks to, fix our team car's (Daisy) suspension.  

   Thanks to a real off-road navigation system.





Private person who support us.

Mr. Gábor Bokros
Mrs. Gábor Bokros
Mr. János Flórián
Mr. Csaba Oláh
Mr. József Veres

As well as our family!
Thank you!

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Our partners

Nissan A-Z autósbolt